4 Things People Do that Ruin their Pipes

Rick Magliano
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When fixing your home’s plumbing system, are you 100% knowledgeable of what you’re doing? Are you sure you’re not doing anything that can lead to more problems? Well, some of us aren’t aware that there are some practices we do that are actually destructive to our pipes. It’s not all the time that the kitchen sink and toilet drain are places where we can throw waste materials away.

There are things that should and should not be washed down the drain so as not to destroy the pipes. Nonetheless, when your pipes are ruined, there are local plumber Sydney services you can count on for the fix. Listed below are what some people do that destroy their pipes. If you’re doing some or all of them, better end the practice now before it’s too late.

Throwing down foodstuff and hygiene products

Food items like vegetable peels and including coffee grounds are commonly thrown in the drain as if the drain is a garbage disposal system. Tossing things like these can actually cause a drain clog. Likewise, tissue paper, baby wipes, cotton swabs and other hygiene products are better thrown away in the waste bin rather than flushed down in the toilet since this can eventually cause sewer clog.

Not disconnecting hoses

Winter might be a season for burst pipes if you forget to disconnect your outside hose. Once it gets cold, your outdoor faucet gets frozen and then ruins the pipes that lead to it. So, before winter time comes, make sure that all hoses and pipe connections are disconnected. You may call your local plumbing company to have plumbing insulation if you need to keep it safe from severely cold temperatures.

Excessive pouring of chemicals

Cleaning agents are useful and effective in cleaning kitchen sinks and toilet drains. But when these are regularly flushed down, they can cause corrosion which causes damage to the pipes because of their chemical content. Corroded pipes make the clog worse.

Aside from being a potential threat to drains, these chemical-based cleaning products also harm the environment. Another seemingly trouble-free cleaning product is the drop-in toilet freshener. Because it has abrasive and harsh components in it, your toilet tank and its parts could get destroyed, too, and eventually your pipes. Don’t create problems – the old-fashioned way of cleaning the toilet is still the best.

Hurling grease and cooking oils

Clogging caused by solidified grease and cooking oils is one of the worst things that can happen to your drain. It may not only be your home’s drain but also the city sewer line that could get affected by massive clogs. Here’s how to properly dispose of oil and grease. When cool they gradually solidify. Scrape and transfer solidified grease into a container then pack it into a plastic bag to avoid leakage before throwing it into the trash bin.

If you have issues with your pipes due to those bad habits, be ready to dial your local plumber in Sydney.

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