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Rick Magliano

Jaipur, the city of Rajasthan is the first well planned city of India. It is nowadays a main commercial heart of country with all essentials of a metro city. The structural design of Jaipur reminds you the taste of the imperial family, now being an accepted visitor destination.

Jaipur is well identified for its best historical and structural wonder. Jaipur is one of the most advanced tourist destinations in India identified as Golden Triangle more commonly in travelers. The real estate developments generate by the need for better services to accommodate tourists proved valuable for the city. Jaipur real estate is observing major developments across all the sectors-residential, commercial and retail.

Jaipur has; nowadays, growing to be one of the most favorite realty destinations in India. Being well linked by road, rail and air, it is rising as the second-fastest group city in the country after Bangalore. Determined by the demand formed by both local and international visitor, real estate in Jaipur has come to match worldwide standards by creating high class infrastructure and offering highly developed facilities.

The population of Jaipur has increased from a measly 400,000 thousands to an enormous 4 million, raising a vital need for development in terms of both real estate and otherwise. The government of Rajasthan has been, thus, taking various hands-on steps to preserve the nature of the city as well as manage with the growing development requirements. This would include the following:

-expanding and development of main transportation with flyovers and railway over-bridges,
-Regularization of residential colonies on farming lands and
-development in by and large infrastructure along with sewerage, water supply, etc.

A Master Development Plan (MPD) 2011 has been urbanized, focusing on the infrastructural developments of the city. It has planned around 3 thousand acres of land for retail and commercial activities to promote tourism. The up progression of Jaipur Airport to meet international standards, broad gauging of rail link with metros and express way from Jaipur to Ajmer indicates a good sign for Jaipur real estate.

As all metro cities are now saturated, real estate specialist thinks that Jaipur is the next safest city for property development and investment. They feature connectivity to NH8 and affordable real estate prices as the primary source for the same. Until just Jaipur had not observed much expansion in terms of trade realty but as part of the recent trade boom in the country, it is witnessing a flurry of trade activity.

In Jaipur, projects has immense growth potential due to exponential rate of growth in steel, power, cement, mining, diamond and various other industries. The establishment of IT Parks, Special economic zone and various other world class infrastructures has given the catalytic boost to the overall growth rate of Industries and various other sectors in the state. The proposed Golden Park is a Residential project. The golden park shall provide class infrastructure and modern facility to live in.

The high-tech trade uprising is predictable in the ‘Pink City’ as a boom is observed in retail and commercial property in Jaipur.

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