Buy Or Sell Cyprus Property While Prices Remain Affordable

Rick Magliano

More and more people are looking to buy or sell Cyprus property, either as part of an investment strategy or to secure a holiday or retirement home. Many villas in Cyprus are being purchased by people from all over the world. Prices are rising steeply for property for sale in Paphos and at many other locations on Cyprus’ southern coast. There is a range of property that will interest almost anyone looking to buy a home on the island.

The advantages of property ownership on Cyprus are extensive. The island is small enough that almost all of it can be accessed within a two hour drive from any starting point. It has two modern international airports and air fares to and from Cyprus can often be purchased at a discount. Developers and real estate agents also often offer special discounted airfare and lodging rates as buyer incentives.

The climate of Cyprus is mild, and the tax regime is attractive to foreigners who are considering whether to buy or sell Cyprus property. Foreigners who move to Cyprus find that their income tax is much lower than what they were used to paying. In fact, many British retire here not only for the pleasant climate with affordable properties, but also because they will receive their pension without income tax. There isn’t even any inheritance tax.

Some people who buy or sell Cyprus property do not wish to live there all year. Many people are looking for a holiday home, use it for a few weeks each year and rent it to tourists the remainder of the year. Reasonable pricing allows you to purchase Cyprus properties with a mortgage, allowing rental income to meet the payments and even produce a profit. Estate agents can put a buyer in touch with agents who specialize in managing rental properties.

Despite its recent acceptance into the European Union and its popularity driving prices up, some property in Cyprus is still available for well under £100,000. Cyprus properties that need renovation can be had for much less. Everything from a modern apartment in a larger town to a villa on the coast is available. From anywhere on the island, the beautiful coastline, plains, forests, and mountains are all within easy reach.

The first and best place to go when you want to buy or sell Cyprus property is the Internet. From the comfort of your favourite chair, you can look at property for sale in Cyprus as many real estate agents, property developers, and even individual sellers have websites these days.

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