Buy Property In Peyia And Own A Piece Of Paradise

Rick Magliano

Imagine a peaceful place where you are surrounded by tranquility and beauty. Cultural and historical atmosphere is everywhere. Now wouldn’t it be great to buy a holiday home there? You might want to buy property in Peyia. The village of Peyia, just off the western coastline of southern Cyprus, is a great place to start your home search. Making the decision to buy Cyprus property is a great investment that is sure to bring you happiness for a long time.

The Greeks of ancient times believed that Aphrodite was born in Cyprus, which made her birthplace the epicenter of beauty and love. In modern times, if Cyprus is, as considered by many to be the Mediterranean’s finest jewel, then Peyia is a diamond in the collection. Peyia is a small town, but is one of the most photogenic places in the world. It’s just a short drive from Coral Bay and Paphos, busy towns with all modern amenities.

People who want to buy homes in Cyprus won’t find a better place to consider than Peyia. Not only is it in a breathtakingly beautiful setting, but it has the relaxed feel of a small town. You can drink coffee in a cafe and admire the view without being pressured to move on. You’ll meet friendly locals and get a chance to become part of the community. If you like action and adventure, you can find opportunities for sea kayaking, hang gliding, and other sports. If you’re interested in the past, Peyia and surrounding areas have a rich history; you can visit ancient Christian sites and Roman tombs. After dark, you can enjoy the famous nightlife of the Mediterranean area, including great food, great music and great conversation. If you have ever looked at Cyprus properties for sale when visiting the island, then you will certainly know that it is a good idea to buy property in Peyia.

Buying and owning your own home has many advantages over renting. For one, you will be able use your own home as you see fit, without regard to restrictive rental agreements. You can feel relaxed and comfortable vacationing in your own villa, and the best thing is, you can pack it up and head off to your vacation home any time you wish. It’s a good idea to buy homes in Cyprus because tourism experts say that trend is growing and is not likely to stop. People who have bought Cyprus properties recommend Peyia as one of the best places to look. It’s about a half hour drive from Paphos airport and the busy spots of Paphos and Coral Bay are just a brief trip away with all the services or luxuries that one could want. Because of the many tourists that flock there (and this number is increasing every year) holiday homes continue to increase in value. The chance to buy or sell Cyprus property comes up all the time, because of the popularity of the island with people either looking for a Cyprus holiday home, or just a good investment opportunity.

Most English-speaking tourists appreciate that the area has significant British influence; after all, even though Greek is the official language, English is understood by most everyone, as it’s part of the general school curricula. It’s outstanding that one can explore an island in the Mediterranean at his or her leisure without fear of getting lost: both the official language and English are used on every street sign! Because of these reasons as well as offering a seemingly more real experience than big corporate resorts nearby, Just one holiday enjoying all that Peyia has to offer, is all it takes for the penny to drop with potential buyers. They soon see the advantages available if they buy Cyprus property in this area.

A buyer will only have to spend one holiday immersed in all that this town has to offer to know that it’s a great place to buy Cyprus property. Choosing to buy property in Peyia will make an owner happy for many years, safe in the knowledge that they will be able to enjoy their property and be assured that they will be able to sell it and make a profit when they choose to do so. When looking for Cyprus properties for sale it would be an idea to check out a few of the estate agencies that buy sell Cyprus property, they know the ins and outs of Cyprus property transactions and can make life easy for sellers and buyers alike.

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