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Rick Magliano
How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners - 2022 Guide to Start an FBA  Business

Now that you’ve read your Amazon seller agreement as well as the policies and guidelines that go along with it, we’d like to provide you with some more information that will help you sell successfully on Amazon. You can Go Now for more details.

New Amazon Selling Partners often bring their previous experiences with other selling platforms, assuming that all seller services are the same. They may believe that the contents in your seller agreement, as well as the program policies and guidelines, are unimportant.

What should you know about your seller account?

Unless you have a valid business need for a second account and all of your accounts are in good standing, you may only have one Seller Central account for each region in which you sell. By giving clear and precise information about your policies, you may aid in the development of client trust in your company. Keep in mind that your return policies must be at least as accommodating to buyers as Amazon’s. For more information, see the Customer Service section at the bottom of this page.

Please provide the name of your company that will be displayed on Amazon so that customers can remember it. Make sure your company’s contact information is up to date so that we can reach out to you if necessary. Keep your credit card and bank account details up to date for payments and settlements. To help customers trust you, include shipping and return policies.

Describe any gift-messaging or gift-wrapping services you may provide. Upload your storefront logo image to your seller account; it must be exactly 120 x 30 pixels. Only provide information about your firm relevant to how you run your Amazon business. Set your shipping rates so that customers are aware of delivery costs.

What should you know about the items?

  • For a positive consumer experience and great seller success, products must be listed in the appropriate categories and the necessary information.
  • All of your listings must follow the guidelines outlined in the style guide for your category. See Product page style guides for further details.
  • Customers want their Amazon purchases to be well-packaged and delivered on schedule.
  • There is no single seller who owns the product detail pages. The title, image, and details for the product must be unique, not any other product or seller promotion. Ensure that other things required for the product’s operation are listed on the product detail page.
  • Set up your delivery rates, sale prices, and promotions in Seller.

What to know about customer orders?

When you set up your seller account, you’ll find information about shipping expectations, which you should incorporate into your order and fulfillment processes. You must also confirm your orders with Amazon after they have been shipped. This allows us to keep consumers updated on the status of their orders and charge their payment method for the purchase.

To receive payment from Amazon, you must confirm that the product has been dispatched. This confirmation will also cause Amazon to send the customer a shipment confirmation email, setting the expectation for the estimated delivery date. Within two working days, you must dispatch media products. Non-media products must be delivered by the specified shipment date.

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