Effectively Using Ugly Yellow Signs to Generate Real Estate Buyer Leads

Rick Magliano

The real estate industry is a profitable but competitive sector in business. To be one of the successful real estate agents, learn a secret and simple way of generating leads. The secret is making use of inexpensive do-it-yourself signage.

The use of ugly yellow signs is one way of generating leads in the real estate business. It is well-known as an easy, simple, and cost effective way of advertising a house for sale. The end result of using these signs is that possible buyers, otherwise known as leads, will call the number listed in the sign. These leads could then become prospects for a successful sale.

What is this handy lead strategy that goes by such a strange name? These are placard type signs. They are handwritten with messages and then placed in strategic locations. The messages could be advertising a sale, an event, or a business or service. It is aimed for possible customers or clients from among the multitude who read these signs.

It is a crude form of advertising, mostly used by homeowners themselves who intend to sell their homes. However, in the real estate world where increasing your buyers leads is an all important goal for making it in the business, this technique is becoming quite popular.

Other ways that real estate agents and professional brokers try to generate real estate buyer leads is through aggressive marketing strategies such as cold calling, through conventional advertising in television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, through the newer strategy of internet marketing, by joining trade shows, and yes, through out-of-the-box techniques such as yellow sign-making.

The looks of ugly yellow signs, its very crudeness and implied do-it-yourself character, surprisingly enough, seem to work well as a technique for generating buyer leads. To be effective, there are a few things to consider about using these signs:

  1. Write clearly. Just because they are crude and handwritten does not mean that these signs should be unintelligible. Keep the end purpose in mind, which is to inform people that you have an available house for sale.
  2. Don’t forget to put a number on the sign that could be called, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. Calling these numbers is the next step for prospective buyers who are interested in your house or property.
  3. Make sure that the signs are in the right places. The perfect spot for a sign is right at the property itself, where it will be visible from the street. Here it won’t be in danger of being taken down. Keep in mind that some states deem these signs as illegal if placed in the wrong places.
  4. Follow up on the leads. After the ugly yellow signs have done their work, there is still a lot for you to do. This will make the leap from a lead to a prospective buyer, and then to the closing of a sale. Do a bit of research, find out if the callers are serious in their intentions, and make that sale.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

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