How to Store Patio Furniture in Boise During Winter

Rick Magliano
7 Best Practices for Storing Patio Furniture in Winter - Hudson Movers

The growing popularity of outdoor space has everyone investing in nicer and newer furniture for their businesses and homes. Although patio furniture is often made with durability in mind, it remains subject to damage from unfavorable weather conditions, including freezing temperatures, water, and heat.

Taking good care of your patio furniture during winter can help ensure it lasts longer. If you live in Boise, getting prepared for ice, snow, and freezing temperatures is important.

Why Winterize Patio Furniture?

Taking good care of your patio furniture during winter won’t just help to prolong its life. It will also save you money and time as there will be less damage control to do during springtime.

From an aesthetic standpoint, your outdoor sofa, chairs, and tables will remain pristine for years. And if done well, you may even avoid preparing indoor space for your patio furniture.

Strategies to Store Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is important during spring and summertime, when people often enjoy recreational activities outdoors. But as a homeowner, you are responsible for taking measures to protect your investment. Some of the strategies you can use to ensure those measures are taken may include the following:

  1. Rent a Storage Unit

Whenever you need to keep your patio furniture during winter, the best storage units in Boise will come in handy. Mostly, storage units range between 5×5 and 10×30.

So whether you want to keep a few large outdoor tables, chairs, and sofas or a three-piece patio set in your apartment, storage units will have you covered the whole winter period.

  1. Take Caution When Transporting

You may carry and transport your patio furniture in your truck or contact an expert who can provide you with quality transportation services.

In order to prevent damaging your furniture, you will need to take caution when loading and offloading items, especially if they are delicate.

  1. Clean before Storage

Before storing away your pieces of furniture, you need to clean them down so that you don’t wash and grime off when you pull them out the next summer. For upholstery, which you can remove, like a cushion cover, pop it in a washing machine.

But for rattan, wood, and metal furniture, use soapy and warm water and scrub them gently using a soft sponge. Afterward, rinse off the suds using another round of pure and warm water. Try cleaning your furniture on a sunny and windy day to facilitate drying.

  1. Stack the Furniture Right

In order to save enough space, you will need to stack your outdoor furniture. This is very important, especially if you are keeping your items in a small space, such as a garage or shed.

In addition, loosely stack your cushions in a dry place. And if you intend to store your furniture in a shed outdoor, cover the cushions using a cloth tarp.

The Takeaway

Regardless of what your outdoor furniture is made of, start by cleaning before storing them. Dirt and moisture left on your patio furniture before they are packed may cause mildew or mold to form and spread faster. So ensure your pieces of furniture are dry before packing and wrapping them using secure blankets and packing tape.

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