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Rick Magliano

October is spooky year, which could be why Eskom is seeking so really hard to give us a fright. But what we have arrive to recognize is that in some cases it is pleasant to get stunned in a excellent way. We’re all made use of to the shock of inflation, the shock of petrol, the shock of our inverters no extended creating it by load shedding, and the shock of realizing that the festive period is right all-around the corner.

Adequate poor, it’s time to shock you very good.

At BIBO, we make sure to go out of our way to often make our consumers gasp…in delight. From time to time it is the array of colours we present on our BIBO bar (you decide on the space, and we’ll present a colour to match…go ahead, challenge us). People are inclined to get their partners in glee when they comprehend that the BIBO bar delivers pure, nutritious, and great-tasting boiling incredibly hot and chilled h2o, making use of the very very best technology in h2o filtration and purification.

They also are inclined to clutch their chests when they understand that it leaves all the essential minerals and irons while removing all odor and harmful tastes. Therefore, coffee, tea, and cordials flavor so a great deal improved with drinking water from BIBO.

Our shoppers have been read to exhale in delight more than the BIBO fizz much too, being as it is the only sparkling consume maker in the current market with its patented fizz infuser that creates a controlled launch of pressure. They’ll typically startle at identifying that the fizz will also wholly adapt to your preferences, allowing for you to pick out the volume of fizz in your consume. It involves no electricity or batteries, is tremendous simple to clean up, and is easy to use.

It’s not unheard of for our purchasers to freeze, mouth agape, when they master that the BIBO specific is a 1-of-a-form endless boiling supply, that boils water instantly and on-demand as it dispenses.

They’ll usually scream out fortunately when they go on to uncover that it makes sure that there’s zero waste of h2o, electrical power, and time when generating your favorite hot drink. It also comes about to be packaged in 1 smooth, alluring, and compact layout.

So go forward, trick-or-handle yourself with anything from BIBO this thirty day period, you

(gasp) should have it!




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