Serviced Apartments – The Sensible Choice

Rick Magliano

Serviced apartments are gaining popularity with business and leisure travelers as a place to stay. Many people are becoming disillusioned with hotels as being overpriced and not very homely which is important if you are staying any length of time. A serviced apartment is accommodation for travelers and temporary visitors who may be staying for a few days or a few weeks. It all depends on the nature of the visit, whether it is for a holiday, a city relocation or just as an alternative to a hotel.

Many business people or families prefer to have a temporary stay at serviced apartments when they relocate to a new place of work and are looking for a more permanent lease rental or to buy a property. It is a much more relaxed choice than living in a hotel because the layout, furnishings, and facilities are what you would expect for day-to-day living. Hotels charge for laundry, room service, mini bars, and other services. In some serviced apartments you can launder your own clothes if necessary, cook a light meal and have snacks and drinks of your choice without paying excessively for them.

Serviced apartments are similar to hotels in that you make a reservation ahead of time and specify which apartment type you require and then you check in and check out in the same way you would at a hotel. There are no extra charges over the rental price of the apartment. Serviced apartments are more affordable than hotels and some great savings can be made especially for longer-term stays and out of season stays if you happen to be in a tourist location. One hotel benefit that many serviced apartments have is a 24 hour reception desk and concierge service which is very useful in a strange place.

Serviced apartments give comfort and relaxation as there is a place for everything. Even in the most luxurious of hotels, most people end up watching TV lying on the bed, which is fine in small doses, but who wants to do that night after night and then get into the same bed to sleep. Just like home, you can cook what you like, when you like and chill out in a beautifully decorated living area.

For families, serviced apartments are perfect. Children will be able to stick to routines and proper bed times and it makes life so much easier for parents as they can use baby equipment easily and feed toddlers the food they want to eat. Older children will appreciate the freedom of such an apartment and it will definitely help with those “I’m bored” moments, as they will not feel as confined as they would in a hotel room. To have a proper base to look after the children as well as you can at home instead of camping out in a hotel room makes these apartments the right choice for families.

Business people can use the apartment for client meetings and entertainment keeping down the expenses. The apartment is a great place to relax and unwind after a long grueling day visiting clients in the vicinity. The extra space means it is easy to bring some golf clubs or other sporting equipment with you that will not clutter up a hotel room.

Serviced apartments have the amenities expected from a good hotel and more. They are fully furnished, and provided with cutlery, china, kitchen equipment such as microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers and a cooker plus all kitchen utensils. Towels and linen are provided meaning there is no extra luggage to be brought with you. Most of such apartments provide Internet connection, TV and DVD players so it really is a home from home.

There will be a 24-hour security system with CCTV and possibly nighttime security guards too for your safety.

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