The Benefits Of Choosing Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

Rick Magliano

Planning where to stay can be an ordeal when travelling, especially when you are on a tight budget. Depending on your situation, you may think that if the price is right, it doesn’t matter where you stay but sacrificing quality over cost is never a good idea.

Even if your hotel room is budget-friendly the chances are it will be confined and grimy or in the wrong part of town. This can take away the joy from your City Break in a big way. That’s why you need to make sure you are getting the best possible value for your money.

Apartments are considerably cheaper than hotels and with larger groups, savings can be exponential. A family or a group of friends or colleagues in a high end apartment can get the per-person per night price down to the equivalent rate of a hostel.

How can this work? Well, a one bedroom apartment can accommodate up to four guests and a two bedroom apartment up to six. This results in your bill being much cheaper overall and per person whilst providing you with more luxury, comfort, privacy and security. Even if you are by yourself in a one bedroom apartment, it is still significantly less money than an equivalent hotel room.

Imagine spending your hard earned money indulging on yourself rather than keep having to tip the hotel staff every time they open a door for you. It also lets you avoid that sinking feeling when you find out your hotel bill is so much higher than you thought it would be just because you helped yourself to an over priced bottle of water or a basket of snacks left out so invitingly in your hotel room.

A City Break is about enjoyment and doing things you wouldn’t get the chance to do at home. What can be worse than after an enjoyable late night, having to wake up at seven the following morning just because the dining room stops serving breakfast at nine? On your vacation, in an apartment, you get to decide when, what and how your meals need to be prepared and served in your fully equipped kitchen.

We all love to eat out but going to restaurants for every meal can be heavy on your pocket. In an apartment, you can cook up the local cuisine at a fraction of the cost and at your leisure with easy access to the nearby shops and markets. You can even make your own picnic basket if you plan on visiting one of the very many parks in London.

Are you tired of staying in a stuffy hotel room? Now you have the opportunity to come back after a long day of sight -seeing or business meetings and kick back in your own living room and enjoy the home-entertainment system. Watch cable television or choose your favourite movie on the DVD whilst enjoying a glass of wine or two. Get all the space and comfort you deserve.

Centrally located apartments give holiday makers great access to the major tourist attractions during the day and night. You don’t need to plan a rigid schedule. You can pop in and out of your apartment as and when you feel like it knowing you’re never far from the action. Perhaps, return for a quick bite you can make in your fully equipped kitchen or take a siesta and recharge your batteries.

Serviced apartments are just as well suited for corporate travellers. Many properties are in and around the location of conference centres and almost all our apartments offer concierge services, free internet, laundry and maid services. Our apartments provide a homely feel, offering you great space and privacy to work or kick back and relax after a tough day.

Already looking for your next holiday apartment? We hope so.

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