Tips For Purchasing Property in Northern Cyprus

Rick Magliano

Interest in Northern Cyprus properties has been rising for quite awhile now. The region is lovely with wonderful sandy beaches and the exquisite Kyrenia Mountains. There are even strict rules in place to confine the construction of high-rise flats so as to preserve the natural beauty and letting Cyprus keep its natural charm. With several new developments being completed and a few more on the way, there has never been a wider and better range of property available in North Cyprus, or a more perfect time to invest.

Northern Cyprus Property is steadily turning into an active destination in Mediterranean investments since they’re developing North Cyprus into a marvelous vacation spot. Despite an increase in property costs, the region is still a lot cheaper than Southern Cyprus, Portugal and Spain. Due to the lack of development, services in the region are still inexpensive. A large amount of funding is being pumped in North Cyprus to expand its tourism sector to be equal to that of Southern Cyprus.

So how do you find a suitable Northern Cyprus Property and determine if it is good for you? Many people struggle with this problem so here are a few tips based on my experience to assist you in buying a Northern Cyprus property.

Do Your Research Online

Once thinking about purchasing any type property in North Cyprus or any other location, you must always do an extensive research on all your available options online just to get started. Most Northern Cyprus properties have websites with the development location, site maps and floor plans, which is just a part of the story. You will also be able to find North Cyprus property online forums, where genuine buyers compare their experiences of buying from a particular development company. You will be able to ask questions, to determine which developers are best to work with. Another thing that you will also find is the independent web sites that provide independent reviews on the North Cyprus developments.

Choose Your Region

Northern Cyprus is an exquisite country with many distinct areas, each having their own specific appeal. If you are purchasing a villa for yourself, choose what setting you enjoy the most; do you prefer to walk to a beautiful sandy beach, or a mountainside location close to nature and overlooking the sea. Make a list what you love the most as well as the regions that are of interest to you, then you work your way from there.

Take a Trip to North Cyprus

At this level, a review inspection trip is need and you can organize it developer. Equipped with your list of areas, you can spend the first few days just driving around to see and get a feel your places of interested. You need to see for yourself which developments are really active with residents or which are empty or half-finished. You should also visit with local real estate agents and get more information of properties in your desired areas.

If you wish to purchase North Cyprus property that you can move into right away, think about re-sales at freshly completed properties. Your property must be fully completed with all utilities, small problems straightened out, and it needs to be in excellent condition. Resale properties are not like the new construction properties; where your money is tied up for a few years without any return. Resale properties can be lived in immediately or rented once you receive the keys.

Get Some Professional Advice

Purchasing any kind of property is a big financial commitment, so don’t allow yourself to be coerced into signing any contract. Always hire your very own, independent solicitor to advise you and follow up on your behalf, get one that is not one recommended by a property developer. Another important factor in purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus is to get and use a qualified attorney. A competent attorney will look out for your best interests when buying property in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus is the place where two worlds meet; the old and the Modern, where new amenities are accessible within minutes from ancient ruins. This region of Cyprus has a wide range of properties available for investment and includes villas, residential homes, and vacation properties. These properties are in high demand from both the Cypriots as well as international investors.

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