When and how to collect tomato seeds for sowing?

Rick Magliano

If you mature your have tomatoes, you might be wondering how to save seeds for up coming year. It’s quite basic and it ensures you autonomy, as properly as genuine organic and natural manufacturing considering that the seeds will not be addressed with chemical solutions. So don’t squander any extra time and delight in the hottest contemporary selfmade creation. Beneath is a comprehensive guidebook on how to collect tomato seeds.

How to obtain tomato seeds for sowing?

how to collect tomato seeds for sowing


Just before gathering the seeds of the tomato, it is crucial to pick the correct fruit. It must be healthier and ripe. In other phrases, opt for the very best tomato you have. Then stick to these guidelines:

  1. To start, slice the fruit in 50 % and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Then place them in a thoroughly clean glass jar.
  2. The next move is fermentation. This is an significant phase in tomato seed harvesting that eliminates germination inhibitors and the gelatinous sheath from the seeds. It can also be utilized to take care of sure seed-borne illnesses. So place drinking water in the glass and go away it in a heat spot for a few times. It is proposed to cover it with cheesecloth to guard it from fruit flies, dust and micro organism.
  3. If you are gathering seeds from much more than one particular wide variety of tomato, make positive to label the jars.
  4. Check the jar each day to know when the seeds are ready. You will initial see bubbles forming, then a layer of mold will surface on major of the liquid. At the time that occurs and the seeds settle to the bottom of the jar in a watery liquid, you can move on to the upcoming phase.
  5. Take out the mould, incorporate a minor drinking water, close the jar and shake it very well to separate all the seeds. Then go the seed combination by means of a sieve and rinse very well under operating h2o.
  6. Unfold the seeds out on a plate and enable them dry absolutely, shaking them everyday so they don’t stick. Do not attempt to speed up the process with a food items dehydrator, for case in point, as this will get rid of the tomato seeds.
  7. Retailer them in an airtight container in a amazing, dry location.

How to accumulate cherry tomato seeds?

how to collect cherry tomato seeds


The only distinction here is that you have to deal with scaled-down tomatoes. As it can be complicated to clear away just the seeds, you can use the full pulp. Squeeze a number of cherry tomatoes into a jar and repeat the guidance above.

Can we recover the seeds of grafted tomatoes?

This is a incredibly prevalent concern and the reply is Certainly. You can use seeds, even grafted tomatoes. The approach of extraction and dehydration is absolutely the same.

How to dry the seeds?

When and how to collect tomato seeds for sowing

The drying of tomato seeds should really be done in a all-natural way, devoid of utilizing accelerated techniques like oven or dehydrator. Very first, you can set them on a paper towel to take in most of the liquid, then transfer them to a plate. Really do not go away them on the paper, mainly because they will stick to it.

Place the plate in a dry, warm put absent from immediate daylight. The room temperature in September is very ample for them to dry out. It may possibly take a 7 days or two. Do not overlook to remix them each and every working day, so that the tomato seeds dry perfectly on each sides.

When to obtain tomato seeds of tomatoes?

In simple fact, you can do it all season long. Some people like to use the fruits in mid-time, other folks obtain the seeds from the previous harvest. In other terms, it’s up to you, as very long as the tomato is contemporary, healthful, and juicy.


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