What is the Payback Period on Installing a Solar System at Home

Rick Magliano
What is the likely payback on my solar system?

A payback period on installing a solar system is an essential consideration, especially when considering the long-term effect that it will have on your energy bill. Payback is usually the time allotted by the installer to return the investment made into the residential solar panel system. Certain types of panels can last for decades and can effectively pay for themselves while still on your grid. However, if you want to be able to sell your home and use the energy it produces, then you will need to have a payback period built into your installation.

Ask About a Payback Plan

When building or choosing a California residential solar panel installation company, make sure to ask about a payback plan. Find out if they will finance your purchase and pay you back once the system has been installed. Oftentimes financing companies will only finance the cost of the panels and then require you to have a certain amount of equity to pay them back and a monthly payment Be sure to shop around as much as possible before signing any contracts or agreements.

Help offset the cost of the solar system

If you cannot afford to pay back the money you would have paid for the panels over the years, you may want to consider going with a non-residential solar system. Many state utility companies offer the option of using residential solar panel installation companies to help offset the cost of the solar system. This way, the residential solar panel installation company does not need to worry about a payback period. The state utility companies also benefit because they do not need to pay for the installation of the solar system, so they can pass the savings along to consumers.

Find a reputable installer

If you have the funds available and would like to use residential solar panel installation to create electricity for your household, you will need to find a reputable solar system installer. Ask friends and family whom they have used for their residential solar panel installation. Most reputable companies can provide a list of references they use regularly. Look for a business that has been in business for a while, and has several employees. You can see how many employees the company has by calling their customer service number.

There are a few advantages to residential solar panel installation. You will save money on your electricity bill if you install a solar system. You can save money on the electric company if you install one in your home. You will be contributing to a cleaner environment if you install solar panels. All of these reasons make residential solar panel installation an attractive option.

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